Anonymous: u r a baumch



Hi Abby


A different Abby from my school! Haha

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Hey everyone!! My dress is for sale! I love it so so so much and tbh i cried a lil the last time I wore it this weekend. I always get a ton of compliments on it and the pics really don’t to it justice. I really want it to go to a good home, so please check out the listing and pass it along to anyone looking for a dress. I’ve had so much luck in it and made some great memories. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions at all about it.

PLEASE PLEASE reblog and post it everywhere. I’m a college student paying for dance by myself so I really need to sell it.

This dress is beautiful so buy it

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It’s time to change everything. This is a place where all dancers should be able to come and feel welcomed and supported. The amount of hate on here is out of control and it’s hurting so many people. I personally have not been a victim of these hate messages but so many people that are close to me…

rt LE

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Anonymous: u r a baumch

Hi Abby

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HEY if you need a new dress here’s a link to my friend’s fabulous Gavin!!!!!! Please help her find a new owner😋 reblog to spread! Thank you!


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